Jim Meyers Poop 08

I suspect a lot of people will address a lot of big issues.

Allow me to be more myopic. I’ve been doing this thing for seventeen years now. That’s a solid career for anyone. However, just like an artist or an athlete, we PooPsters suffer poor years. Consider this my Knocked Out Loaded, my ‘85-’86 Jordan, my vomit year. Joe Namath’s knees and Steve Earle’s needs. I faced some serious health issues as the new-year dawned and as my weight plummeted to 120 lbs. I lost not only my ability to eat but also my taste for new music. Astral Weeks is sublime and strengthening as the IV is administrated and morning is no longer assumed. I craved comfort. I listened to Dylan endlessly. But I tried to keep bringing it all back home.

After I moved beyond the valley of death I had a lot of making up to do. And then, I became hopelessly addicted to Keith Olberman and MSNBC. Like emerging from one fog directly into another. When I should have been listening to music, I was mired in Maddow.

Thanks for letting me play. I’ll do better next year, I hope.

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1. The Pogues • Just Look Them Straight In The Eye and Say…Pogue Mahone
Where has this stuff been hiding? I’ve been a collector for years and most of these 111(!) performances, versions, or songs are new to me. Remarkable rambles and riotous rebellion. This is my soul music. I am eternally grateful to Matthew C. Nerney for this. The next round is on me. The other fourteen are on Shane. Literally.

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2. Jakob Dylan • Seeing Things
I would have thought you daft if you told me Bob’s boy would ever make my list. However, this record has burrowed deep into my psyche and soul. Is Rick Rubin that good? Or, as I suspect, does young Mr. Dylan have more talent than his past as a Wallflower suggested? Hopefully we will no longer “bow down and worship these cowboys and bandits unable to hold their own guns.”

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3 The Hold Steady • Stay Positive
An excellent rock record, as good as any I’ve heard in years. It pales only when considered against its predecessor. Inspirational verse . . . “Raise a toast to Saint Joe Strummer.”

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4. James Hunter • The Hard Way
I was worried he had traded in Cooke for Charles until I heard Corina. Not to suggest the trade would be one-sided. I just prefer to swoon than shout in this case. Can’t believe I missed him at Bearsville.

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5. Supergrass • Diamond Hoo Ha
From T-Rex glam stompers to Kinks idylls. This might be Brit-pop pick of the year.

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6. Arctic Monkeys • Fluorescent Adolescent EP
Or perhaps this is the one? The Bakery is as good as anything Mr. Turner has turned out. Of which, I would imagine volumes will be spoken.

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7. Ryan Adams & The Cardinals • Cardinolgy
Far from his best but I’m just a sucker for his voice. Maybe it’s the need for comfort?

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8. Old 97’s • Blame It On Gravity
See above.

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9. She & Him • Volume One
Speaking of comfort, I heart Zoe Descahnel. My wife is fine with this.

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10. Orchestra Baobab • Made In Dakar
I’d like to make derogatory comments about Vampire Weekend at this point. This music, however, is far too majestic and magical to drag through that mud.


Dr. Dog
The Whigs
Teddy Thompson,

and all the stuff I’ll find on your lists and check out.

Thanks for that. Promise to do better next year.