Jim Meyers Poop 04

I’ve been absent for the last few years as mortgage payments and tuition siphoned too many funds away form my music budget and studies ate up so much prime listening time. That and a general disgust at the music I was hearing. And apathy, to be honest. Mark was kind enough, however, to keep me in the POOP loop so I feel no need to comment on stuff from the last couple of years. You’ve all heard it before and pontificated on it both passionately and eloquently. Thanks. My dormant passion began to awaken when I got…

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1. My iPod
Perhaps the apotheosis of mankind’s ingenuity. Forget space exploration, more of these, please. The ease with which I can download (legally, of course) tunes and have them with me wherever I go has changed my life and rekindled my love of music. I found a mini resurgence of indie rock and found great singles by The Killers, Rilo Kiley (check out their website for free concert downloads), The Walkmen, Franz Ferdinand and many others without having to shell out for the entire disc. Ditto with great songs from beloved artists such as Wilco, Elvis Costello and Anders Parker whose entire albums I found either lacking on the whole or simply didn’t inspire.


green day - american idiot Buy from amazon
2. Green Day- American Idiot
I’ve always had a soft spot for Green Day. They have a certain je ne sais qoui, which is French for… something. This, however, is a stunning surprise. A cohesive, combative and compelling song cycle that lambastes the liars and tyrants we’ve elected. And the deceived, who insist the king is clothed.


elliot smith - from a basement Buy from amazon
3. Elliot Smith- From A Basement On The Hill
An absolutely devastating diary of drug addiction and depression dressed up in melodies whose beauty cloaks the deluge of delusions and madness and self-loathing. The words enthrall even as the awareness of the tragic conclusion colors every lyric. Cryptic clues of chaos I can’t stop humming.


brendon benson - lapalaco Buy from amazon
4. Brendon Benson- Lapalaco
This came out way back in 2001 and remains one of my favorite records of the last ten years. Impeccable power pop with melodies that eat into the brain and nest forever. I’ve played this disc at two parties and it has twice caused people to spontaneously take off their pants. Can music, or any art form, attain higher praise? Inspirational lyric, “When I drink, I’m mellow, when I think, I’m Saul Bellow.”


the libertines - the libertines Buy from amazon

the libertines - up the bracket Buy from amazon

5. The Libertines- Up The Bracket / The Libertines
I couldn’t wait to hear this band as they burned up the UK press with epic tales of drugs and drunken debauchery. According to Mojo, they even had to hire bodyguards to ensure the due (ing) leaders wouldn’t kill each other during recording sessions. Brilliant. What is great rock without mythology such as this? The fact that Mick Jones was producing only fueled my interest further. The good news is, DO believe the hype. A rare case where my expectations were not only met but exceeded. It plays like a Brit Pop history lesson careening from punk caterwaul chaos to Ray Davies meets Morrissey for a martini while getting bitched slapped by Johnny Rotten as Joe Strummer smokes fags and guffaws at his own jokes before Shane MacGowan kicks down the door demanding a pint as Keef fixes up in the corner. From an ebullient embrace to kick in the crotch crassness. And that’s only on one song. Add lyrics like, “The boy kicked out at the world, the world kicked back a lot f@#kin’ harder” that make me feel like a fifteen year old again and I’m as happy as dust.


modest mouse - good news Buy from amazon
7. Modest Mouse- Good News For People Who Love Bad News
Guitars shimmer stunningly. A beautiful and thought provoking record.


old 97s - drag it up Buy from amazon
8. Old 97’s- Drag Me Up
Rhett Miller has to be the most slept upon (and with, judging by his dreamy looks. However, thankfully no Winona Ryder reports to date) songwriter in memory. His solo effort The Instigator is also highly recommended.


the future heads - Buy from amazon
9. The Futureheads- The Futureheads
The Jam divided by XTC plus The House Martins. And Scottish accents!


ted leo Buy from amazon
10a. Ted Leo & The Pharmacists
From Matt via Paul. An incredibly gifted songwriter who simply rocks. Surely would place higher but I just got it. Do your self a favor and check this out


nirvana - with the lights out Buy from amazon
10b. Nirvana – With The Lights Out
I don’t even own this yet, but I mean, come on. Honestly.


Best Show/ Strange Occurrence
Jay Farrar in Kilkenny, Ireland
My wife and I were in Kilkenny for a family reunion when we decided to stop into a nice looking pub of a Guinness or seven. When what to my wondering eyes should appear but a small little poster saying Jay Farrar here? A completely random, welcome and unexpected treat. Jay played for more than two hours and kicked out many Uncle Tupelo classics. By another strange coincidence I happened to be wearing my Varnaline t-shirt. I hoped that he would recognize the shirt of his frequent touring mate and perhaps I’d get a knowing nod. However, the notoriously reticent and withdrawn Farrar never so much as raised his eyes to look into the crowd. He never even said a word save for a few mumbled “thanks”. He did, however, completely engage the crowd with a masterful performance.