Jeff Schwartz Poop ’11

After a 1 year absence I do return to the banter, the chatter & pontification as we all love to do once a year …I realize that no one even noticed my absence, no concern what-so-ever as to why no list from yours truly, that’s OK, not a problem as I see how you folks are, so full of your own everyday lives and yourselves, consumed with no one else’s feelings but your very own & Pompous to boot! Hence the origination of this list, so as they say let’s get on with the show, or rather the PoOp year ending 2011.

cover of FOO FIGHTERS - Wasting Light  Buy New or Used via amazon
FOO FIGHTERS – Wasting Light Out of the gate this thing rocks the house! Recorded to tape on analog equipment, with a piece of the actual tape included with the deluxe version for the fans (so they say it’s “actual tape”, who’d know if it wasn’t? did you try to play it? I know I didn’t.). Having icon’s like Bob Mould and Butch Vig associated with this record, I rest my case. Their live show was utterly stellar, (Bob Mould showed up to play too) 3+ hours of pure fucking raaawwk, & Grohl is hilarious with his crowd banter and backstage antics that were televised to the audience. A true showman, and great record.

cover of STEPHEN MALKMUS & THE JICKS - Mirror Traffic  Buy New or Used via amazon
STEPHEN MALKMUS & THE JICKS – Mirror Traffic Amazing, period. Add in “a BECK” production value? I rest my case. It etched a permanent burn into my CD player in the car from playing it over and over. Can anyone even touch this guy lyrically? NO. Frankly, I think he’s in a league of his own… universe that is, or rather a horse of different color, texture? Let’s pull from a few shall we?: “brain gallop” – come back to bite you in the rearest of ends; “asking price” – putzing round’ the internet, revel in the disconnect, I’m not gonna bait that trap,… again, bastardized biology; “stick figures in love” – tremendous to drive to & just fucking brilliant guitar licks all the way through; “spazz” – that change in the middle of the song to the “off tempo jam” – whatever you wanna call it – again pure brilliance & standard malkmus/jicks; “share the red” – Germanic wheels, you want it you got it, you got no idea of how to survive, you got no i-dea what sets you apart; “gorgeous georgie” – no sugar for William, poor old jethro…nuff said, Flawless.

cover of WILCO - The Whole Love Deluxe Version  Buy New or Used via amazon
WILCO – The Whole Love – Deluxe Version bonus disc is excellent as well, “speak into the rose” is 6 minutes 36 seconds of pure SOUND, quite lovely! “I love my label” – appropriate for this release, they should love THEIR label as it’s all about THEM finally. “Capitol City” bicycle messenger’s bell (ring ring) & the sound of the “L” and the commuters are nice sound bites, “I Might” – you won’t set the kids on fire, oh, but I might – Love it, a father in Tweedy who can never please the wife regarding HIS care of the children, “Standing O” intro sounds like Elton John’s “Saturday Night’s Alright for Fighting” meets Jason Falkner-like keyboards/synthesizer, very good! Nominee for a Grammy, hmmmm… wouldn’t that be justice?

cover of THE STROKES – Angles  Buy New or Used via amazon
THE STROKES – Angles Good, Gooder & Goodest, maybe their best offering yet, Maybe. Was never a HUGE fan, but always liked 1, 2 or 3 songs from each of their previous releases. This complete record seems to hit the mark for me so yes I’ll say Goodest!

cover of DALE  EARNHARDT JR. JR. - It's a Corporate World  Buy New or Used via amazon
DALE EARNHARDT JR. JR. – It’s a Corporate World love the electro-beat hollowness in their sound. “simple girl” is quite catchy, “vocal chords” has the whistling Hawaiian sound to it, “morning thought” also not an afterthought.

cover of RAPHAEL SAADIQ – Stone Rollin’  Buy New or Used via amazon
RAPHAEL SAADIQ – Stone Rollin’ funny that his birth name is Charles Ray?, (Ray Charles – musically definitely reminding me of at times, in addition to James Brown, Sly, & the list goes on). When I heard Tony! Toni! Tone! I said “Shoot me”! but when I listened with an open mind, I said NICE!, add in Robert Randolph + this guy’s track record with other artists, & now I’m a believer, “heart attack”, “good man”, “radio” – Great stuff! Thanks KB for Stone Rollin’ it my way.

cover of MY MORNING JACKET – Circuital  Buy New or USed via amazon
MY MORNING JACKET – Circuital “holdin’ on to black metal” – children’s chorus, “victory dance” – love the production, spacey and excellent – again noted props to kb for hipping me to this one as well.

cover of MANCHESTER ORCHESTRA– Simple Math  Buy New or Used via amazon
MANCHESTER ORCHESTRA– Simple Math With notes of Built to Spill in songs like “virgin” – this band has been on my radar for a little while & now I’ve taken notice,…and a liking to them at that. “apprehension” – excellent, “mighty” has a MIGHTY guitar riff too.”april fool” offers powering vocals & guitars.

cover of PUSCIFER – Conditions of my Parole  Buy New or Used via amazon
PUSCIFER – Conditions of my Parole this experimental, or should I say MAYNARD IS MENTAL, makes for an excellent offering from him. The title track “COMP” – all I can say is FUCKING GROOVE!, Sludgy, Heavy and awesome. “Man Overboard” a lyrical journey, “TOMA” the most head bobbin’ drum beat, synthesizers, and as usual many guest appearances (featuring jonny polonsky who had a record on rick rubin’s american recordings label long ago; tim “herb” alexander of primus fame + others), there are even banjo’s, what could be bad?

cover of DAWES – Nothing Is Wrong  Buy New or Used via amazon
DAWES – Nothing Is Wrong These songs resonate in your head, & you can’t get them outta there, nor do you want to. Love the whole vibe of the record, so 70’s-ish, so good, (Benmont Tench, Jackson Browne both guest as well).

I’d like to pay homage to satellite radio – ala Steve Earle -, as this is such the resource for me being on the road in my day to day life, exposing acts, bands, highlighting new discoveries to me, & at the same time, playing classics as well. Here Here to satellite radio, if you are not on board, then do yourself a favor & GET! On board. Looking ahead to 2012, am excited about Lana Del Rey, Nada Surf, hopefully something from Them Crooked Vultures or Queens of the Stone Age or BOTH? That being said; I’m to the good.

Respectfully Submitted, Jeff Schwartz, Green Brook,NJ