Jeff Schwartz Poop 03

De’ Poopage outta me – from the year 2003’

2003 was a fine year in music I must say. Quite fulfilling to the pallet of my musical tastebuds. In any case, this year specifically birthed many classics for years to come. So lets – a – get – a poopin’ shall we?

1) Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks – Pig Lib (Matador)
How bout’ that there bonus disc? That’s a dandy, I’ll say. As is the brilliance of this record – possibly the most favorite of the year for me. “dark wave” in particular, as well as the jam of “1% of one”.

2) Year of the Rabbit – Year Of The Rabbit (Elektra)
Very anticipated, lived up to my expectations, fun for all ages, better than the last attempt called ON. Ken Andrews is still the master & shall continue to reign as long as failure heads continue to inhabit the planet.

3) Josh Rouse – 1972 – Rykodisc
I was a bit troubled by his last effort, but still wanted to believe in the guy. He did not let me down. Love the sound, artwork & songs. Great use of classic sounds: flute, Wurlitzer, vibraphone, harmonium, Rhodes, bells etc.

4) White Stripes – Elephant – (Third Man /V2)
Believe the hype. How is this band not the biggest band in the world. I did not want to believe the hype, but it is necessary for all mankind to do so & believe in that hype. Plus it’s just good for the bluesy soul man!

5) Jayhawks – Rainy Day Music – (American/Lost Highway)
Excellent. Very solid & strong all the way through. Still miss MO’s additions to this band, but Gary is able to put together some closely superb material. Bravo!

6) V.A. – Dessert Sessions, Volume 9 & 10
V.A. – I see you hearin’ me & I heart disco – (Rekords Rekords)
Chock full of all the faves such as: PJ Harvey, Dean Ween, Twiggy, Troy van leewun (formerly from now defunkt Failure) & Josh Homme. It’s great jam influenced out-of-the-ordinary classic drug induced dessert juice.

7) Metallica – St. Anger – (Elektra)
Guilty. but who cares. What can I say? They came back with a killer record, the best effort from them in 10 years I gotta say. Love it.

8) Charlie Parker + Various Artisits – Bird Up – The Charlie Parker Remix Project – (Savoy Jazz)
Was surprised to see who was affiliated with this one. Good Find, as I stumbled across it when I was not even looking for it. Guests include: Me’shell NdegeOcello, Dan the Automator. Rob Swift & the X-ecutioners (everyone’s favorites on the fader), Kronos Quartet & Serj Tankian.

9) Led Zeppelin – How the West Was Won – (Atlantic)
Tremendous! Live Zep at it’s best, without question. Nothing else needs to be said. Just a must piece, gotta have it. Now go & get it if ya aint got it yet. Ya Hear?

10) Sun Kill Moon – Ghosts of the Great Highway – (Jetset)
I’m cheating – just got hip to it this January 04’ still technically under the wire in terms of annual poop date of 1/31 – thanks much KB & EF. I was never a RHP fan EVER. Diverse, love the song titles Glen Tipton, Pancho Villa, Duk Koo Kim. “Lily & Parrots” – how great is that song?!!

Highly notable & worth mentioning:

neil young – On the beach – reissue – (reprise)
the darkness – permission to land – (atlantic)
the thrills – so much for the city – (virgin)
belle & sebastian – dear catastrophe waitress – (rough trade) (trust me, I’m surprised as you are, but I really dig this record & just for the record – no pun intended – I’ve never liked this band)

letdowns of the year:

jay farrar
fountains of wayne
radiohead (ok hate me for this one, most of you will)
new pornographers ( hate me again ;P ) –

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