Jeff Schwartz Poop 02

Fu Manchu – California Crossing (mammoth)
Rockin’ head-bobin’ groove – if you know FU, then you know the deal, fuzzy, sludgy & tight – these guys are as cool as it gets – who else would wear ski hats in the summer ? a lot of hayzie fuzz..

Jurassic 5 – Power in Numbers (interscope)
Continuing the positive vibe – regulating the “quality control” – most definitely yo! – what can be said more than ill fuckin’ samples & dope ass rhymes – killer shit take a hit.

Hermano – Only a Suggestion (tee pee)
Garcia baby I, not jerry,… John. it’s not quite the goods like slo burn was but still quite strong. Play it loud in the car & escape to Hermanoville SON.

Year of the Rabbit – Hunted EP (they put it out thru
Ken Andrews strikes again. 4 songs from the new band. Did you dig, 0pfailure? Did you dig on? Well much more failuresque than on – hooray! – The full length will come out on Elektra this summer ’03. Lot’s of live tracks on the website as well courtesy of the Troubadour gig in LA last fall. Highly recommended.

Queens of the Stone Age – Songs for the Deaf (interscope)
What can be said, what needs to be said, josh & the boys are up to their old tricks, and all that can be said is brilliance, especially the whole radio thaaaang… add in Grohl to boot & you have the recipe for pure joy. Anywho… a program note… Troy Van Leewun formerly from A Perfect Circle & more importantly from the now defunct band failure reports to duty on lead guitar during the tour. Caught ’em live at bowery ballroom with Grohl on the skins 3 months before the record dropped – killer.

The Flaming Lips – Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots (warner bros.)
Me like the lips’ – real good yup! These guys always make brilliant records – what’s that thing called again? Oh yeahl “Musical Genius’ that Wayne is – I tell yal

Drums & Tuba- Mostly Ape (righteous babe)
Ok, ok… who knows the band? -1 do- and I’m glad about that. Check ’em out. No, No, No, I’m NO ani defranco supporter – let’s just clear that up RIGHT NOW! It just happens to be on that pointless label others – the only point about it is that D&T record for that pointless label -oh did I mention that her label has no point, and that there is really no point to it. You get the point. I have to support the pointless label ’cause the band is on it.

Badly Drawn Boy – Have You Fed the Fish? (xl recordings/artist direct)
Loving this – just got it in under the wire I must say – gracias E. Also I must say it was purchased this past week 1/20/03 – however it makes the poop, & HOW! Strong “product” – not really it’s a “record” – (e.g. industry humor) & production = quite polished – but a needed ingredient for this delicious recipe. Like the intro plane ride.

Audioslave – self titled (epic – or a&m/interscope – i’m thinking epic)
Cornell + post rage = still crunchy funkin’ bad asssed riffs with Chris belting it out as usual ala the good ol’ SG days. Morello still kills on the axe, and innovates the instument for yet another time in another galaxy far far away.

The Roots – Phrenology (mca)
With Talib Kweli in “Rolling With Heat” and Jill Scott in “Complexity” – what could be bad – well it is bad REAL BAD – as in good G.


Jeff Schwartz – representin’ the lovely spnj (scotch plains, new jersey)