It’s time for PoOP – Call for submissions

Dear leader and fearless PoOPmeister Mark Rosen writes:

Yes, it’s time to POOP. This year’s list will be the 25th Annual edition of POOP. The rules remain the same:

  • limit yourself to that which will fit on 2 sides of a page, leaving a small margin where the inside binding will go.
  • send me an attached copy, preferably as a Word Doc.
  • send me a few bucks to cover my expenses. I usually lose a bit of buckage on these and my losses seem to be slowly trending upwards. You no longer have to send me a hard copy as well but please don’t use that as an opportunity to stiff your friendly POOPpublisher.
  • it might be easier for some people to make monetary contributions to the POOP effort buy using PayPal. That also works. You can use my email address [ mark45rpm AT aol DAWT com ] as the payee, or you can support the US Postal Service.
  • DEADLINE: I need these ABSOLUTELY no later than January 31st or EARLIER IF POSSIBLE so I can get cranking on the final Top 10 computations
  • AND send a copy as an attachment to Mark Zip at zipszig ATT hvc DAWT rr DAWT com
  • For the online POOP edition, Mark Zip adds: “While I can deal with Word docs (and pretty much everything else), plaintext is almost always better.”
  • Check out POOPs past at and monitor new lists as they come in. No copying.
  • Spelling counts.

Feel free to spread the POOP and to solicit new POOPsters. Just try to share the guidelines with them, if you can.

Mark R
Occupoop Main Street

Mark Rosen
10 Autumn Knoll
New Paltz, NY 12561