It worked! – RATMachine beats X Factor winner UK Xmas #1

Zach from RATM is shocked, shocked by win.

Further to my last post, the winners have been declared and “Fuck you, I won’t do what you tell me” is the Christmas refrain on the top of the UK charts. The Grauniad (look it up) has a good round-up of the news and reaction:  Rage Against the Machine beats X Factor’s Joe to Christmas No 1 | Music |

One item of particular interest is that claim that RATM won on downloads alone. It makes sense, given that the campaign for RATM and against the X factor winner was launched and mostly conducted online. Also, it’s unlikely that the sort of folks who would buy a syrupy pop nugget cover of a Miley Cyrus tune for a Christmas gift would do it in an online format.