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What I Listened to in 2010

Greetings from my new home in Florida. I must admit that I did not listen to much music this year – first I was preoccupied with selling my house and then by the actual move. In fact, my sound system has not been hooked up since probably August or September. It is still not hooked up – but will be this week. So, I really have no idea what I should have been listening to this past year. To make matters worse, I usually segregate potential POOP list albums during the year, but they got packed with everything else. Oh well.

cover for Justin Townes Earle – Harlem River Blues  Buy New or Used via amazon
Justin Townes Earle – Harlem River Blues
While I never rank albums, this was my favorite of the year. Finally breaking free of dad’s style, Justin has crafted a great album of diverse styles. The title song is as good as it gets. Google his performance of this song on Letterman.

cover for Blue Shadows – On the Floor of Heaven  Buy New or Used via amazon
Blue Shadows – On the Floor of Heaven
Channeling the Everly’s and Gram, this long unreleased album was recorded in 1993 but did not get a US release until 2010. Chiming harmonies, straightforward songs. A gem.

cover for Neil Young – Le Noise  Buy New or Used via amazon
Neil Young – Le Noise
I am a sucker for both Neil and Daniel Lanois, so this is a no brainer. This is the busiest, loudest guitar solo record. Neil returns to old themes but seems really energized.

cover for Jamey Johnson – The Guitar Song  Buy New or Used via amazon
Jamey Johnson – The Guitar Song
A country record the way it should be, the way they used to be. Two discs no filler. Nothing slick about these songs, the covers or the originals.

cover for Mary Gauthier – The Foundling  Buy New or Used via amazon
Mary Gauthier – The Foundling
This concept album by a recovering alcoholic is bluesy, gritty Southern soul at its best. It is her autobiography from her out-of wedlock birth to a teen mom, thru her degenerative, redemptive years. Not as hard to listen to as it sounds. Actually, pretty upbeat.

cover for Black Dub - Black Dub  Buy New or Used via amazon
Black Dub – Black Dub
Daniel Lanois strikes again – a mostly duet album, Daniel with Trixie Whitley (whoever she is). As in any Lanois project, the atmospherics are the focal point.

cover for Mavis Staples – You Are Not Alone  Buy New or Used via amazon
Mavis Staples – You Are Not Alone
A collaboration with Jeff Tweedy, using stripped down Muscle Shoals arrangements. Fine contemporary gospel by its best practitioner.

cover for Asleep at the Wheel – It’s a Good Day  Buy New or Used via amazon
Asleep at the Wheel – It’s a Good Day (with Leon Rausch)
This collaboration with latter day Texas Playboy singer Rausch is a good time from start to finish. Ray Benson and gang never sounded better and work perfectly with one of their inspirations.

cover for  Buy New or Used via amazon
The Lost Cuban Trios of Casa Marina
This album of traditional Cuban trio music was compiled and recorded by 2 Jewish brothers who fled the Nazis and moved to Cuba and then fled Cuba during the Revolution. Mostly traditional songs, beautifully sung and played.

cover for  Buy New or Used via amazon
King Sunny Ade – Baba Mo Tunde
Extended, intoxicating jams by the master of afro-beat.

That’s it.

Irv Rosen
Tarpon Springs, FL

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