Irv Rosen Poop 06

What I remember listening to in 2006

Randomly ordered using sophisticated sampling techniques:

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Orphans – Tom Waits
A great set from one of rock’s great curmudgeons. Thematically arranged. Carnival sounds, love songs, even a protest or two. Magnificent.


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Nashville – Solomon Burke
Country as it should sound. Soulful, with the distinct Buddy Miller influence. It’s a shame he was MIA so long.


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The River in Reverse – Elvis Costello & Allen Toussaint
I admit that Elvis has been hit or miss. Some of his efforts baffle me. Not this time. A perfect combination of Elvis singing at his best, singing great songs written by/with Allen and Elvis. Great Toussaint arrangements –especially the horn sections. (Tip: See the video)


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Gloryland – Anonymous 4
Kind of a (mostly) a cappella folk mass of Americana. Rootsy as can be. Minimal accompaniment. Folk songs, spirituals, gospel hymns.


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Complete Recorded Works 1939-1947 in Chronological Order – The Dixie Hummingbirds
Among Philly’s finest – at least after 1942 when they moved here. The sound quality varies from awful to passable but the singing varies from inspired to other worldly.


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People Gonna Talk -James Hunter
Why do the Brits do American soul better than Americans?


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Live and A Portrait of Howard Tate – Howard Tate
Actually, Americans do soul better than Brits. Too bad “bad habits” cost Howard the prime of his career.


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Love – Beatles
The pre-sale hype scared me. With fear and trepidation, I bought it. What the hell, a new Beatles album!! And it is new. Even the least tampered with songs are a sonic revelation. Sir George Martin and son can rest easy.


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These Days – Vince Gill
Qualifier: this budget 4 disc set can and should be edited and burned onto 1 or 2 discs. Vince can sing, and sing with integrity.


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Wonder Wheel – Klezmatics
Lyrics by Woody Guthrie. I guess Nora Guthrie has more artists getting ready to release what are apparently 1.2 million songs. Much preferred to Billy Bragg et al.

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American V / Personal File – Johnny Cash
A twofer. V is as sad as can be – the most honest confrontation of mortality. Personal File shows Johnny at his visionary best – doing in 1973 what Rick Rubin put forth as original in the 1990’s.


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The Town and the City – Los Lobos
Muscular sounding record, back on track after artsy missteps.


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Bronx in Blue – Dion
I wonder why I love this like I do. Dion as acoustic traditional blues singer. If you like the soulful Dion voice (which I definitely do), this is great.


And then there were:

Good God – A Gospel Funk Hymnal
Taking the Long Way – Dixie Chicks (You go girls!!)
West of the West – Dave Alvin
Death Songs for the Living – Gob Iron – at least the vocal selections