Updated: Google Music Beta – Request your invite

My last post was about the Amazon Cloud Player. Now Google has done the same thing. I am waiting for my invite. The About Google Music page has links so you can request your invite too. (US only for the moment)

The video below gives a quick tour. Features include a playlist maker. It will be interesting to see if Google can match the clever algorithms used by Pandora, iTunes and the rest. Early reports suggest that the service lets you store 20,000 songs. I cannot tell if that is a space cap or merely a “number of tracks” cap. Billboard has an article about the issue of licensing and how Google decided to launch without the majors

Engadget has a handy chart comparing the many online streamin music offerings available in the US at the moment. It lacks Grooveshark and Audiogalaxy but is pretty comprehensive otherwise. How many tracks, how much, rates, etc. etc.