Damian Cleary Poop 09

…a communique from the front…

this is a declaration of WAr. their reign over our humanity, over our minds aand spirits is at an end. no longer will we be their consumers, their worker s, their voters, for we will no longer clean the trash fromm their gutters. we will atttack their systems, culture, government and all they build up, we will tear down. our soldiers are alreadyin their homes and schools, crouching in the dark corners near jukeboxxes in bars, behind the counters of local stores, pouring out into the streets of cities. everywhere. our bulllets are words, our rockets are chords, our bombs are music. our weapon is ART. we will take no prisoners and there is no surrender. we will hangg them from their dead flagpoles with stereo wire.

(((from the last 365 )))

#1 OM – god is good
the sound of our marching feet on the footsteps of their palaces

pouring through th e loudspeakers as we disturb their peace

#3 OLD CANES – feral harmonics
their laws are ours to raze, our heartss have no rules

#4 SUNN 0))) – monoliths and dimensions
glaciers thawing and we finally have clarity

#5 PHOENIX – wolfgang amadeus phoenix
reveries of our summers exploits

#6 MOUNTAINS – choral
as the smoke clears, the sun hits our faces for a moments quiet

#7 JAPANDROIDS – post nothingg
our blood rushes as bricks shatter their windows

#8 NIGHTMARES FOR A WEEK – flood tomorrow e.p.
grass roots uprising with molotov cocktails and bared teeth

#9 REVOLUTIOARY ENSEMBLE – vietnam (reissue)
lest not we forget, to honour our past dissidents

#10 A SILVER MT. ZION – 13 blues for thirteen moons
we can see their holy grounds burn on the horizon

((( from th e decade past )))

#25 BATTLES – mirrored 2007
#24 DIRtY THREE – cinder 2005

#23 MASTADON – leviathan 2004
#22 BORIS – akuma no uta 2005
#21 JESU _ s/t 2005
#20 T HE NATIONAL – alligator 2005
#19 THE SWORD – age of winters 2006
#18 VARNALINE – songs in a northern ke y 2001
#17 GODSPEED YOU! BLACK EMPEROR – yanqui u.x.o. 2002
#16 FUGAZI – the arguement 2001
#15 SUNN 0))) – white one 2003
#14 JOHN FAHEY – red cross 2003>
#13 GRAILS – doomsdayers holiday 2008
#12 hOT SNAKES – automatic midnight 2000
#11 PAPA M – hole of burning alms 2004
#10 SIGUR ROS – takk 2005
#9 DON CABALLERO – american don 200
#8 NEKO CASE – blacklisted 2002>
#7 PELICAN – autralasia 2003
#6 HOLd STEADY – bOys and girls in america 2006
#5 NEW PORNOGRAPHERS – twin cinema 2005
#4 oM – conference of the birds 2006
#3 EXPLOSIONS IN THE SKYY – friday night lights soundtrack 2004
#2 EARTH – hex; or printing in the infernal method 2005

lift your skinny fists like antennas to heaven 2000

"…them drums say the revolution is near – are you listening?" – De La

d a m i a n p a t r i c k c l e a r y