Bill Still Poop ’10

cover of Mi Ami : Steal Your Face  Buy New or Used via amazon
1. Mi Ami : Steal Your Face ( bought this unknowing of the band strictly on cover art. quickly became my favorite grating noisy annoying masterpiece. previous members were “Black Dice” also very good.)

cover of Wooden Shjips : Vol. 2  Buy New or Used via amazon
2. Wooden Shjips : Vol. 2 (saw them ATP and was enthralled with their trancey Krautrock even though they’re American.)

cover of John Zorn : Interzone  Buy New or Used via amazon
3. John Zorn : Interzone (one of many Zorn releases this year, this one is all over the map.)

cover of The Sadies : Darker Circles  Buy New or Used via amazon
4. The Sadies : Darker Circles (one of the hardest working Canadian surf/punk/western rockers out there)

cover of Robert Wyatt : For The Ghosts Within  Buy New or Used via amazon
5. Robert Wyatt : For The Ghosts Within (beautiful reworking of classic tracks and new stuff)
(also loved Orchestre National De Jazz: Around Robt. Wyatt)

cover of Grinderman - Grinderman II  Buy New or Used via amazon
6. GrindermanGrinderman II (feral testosterone driven mania)

cover of Boredoms - 77 Boadrum  Buy New or Used via amazon
7. Boredoms77 Boadrum (originally performed at 07/ 07/07 in Brooklyn with 77 drummers is amazing in its scope)

cover of Madlib Medicine Show: #4 420  Chalice All Stars  Buy New or Used via amazon
8. Madlib Medicine Show: #4 420 Chalice All Stars (prolific Madlib does a fantastic job of mixing/ mashing classic reggae tracks)

cover of Joanna Newsome: Have One On Me  Buy New or Used via amazon
9. Joanna Newsome: Have One On Me ( does the impossible of putting out 3 discs of engaging songs)

cover of Neil Young : Le Noise  Buy New or Used via amazon
10. Neil Young : Le Noise ( a poop perennial finally makes good after a few bad years)

11. Jeb Loy Nichols: Long Time Traveller (not sure if this counts as 2010 release, got it as a Japanese import, but if not, count Only Time Will Tell with Ian Gomm )
12. Michael Hurley: Blue Hills ( American treasure comes up with a vinyl only release that suits the harmonium to him well)
13. Brian Eno: Small Craft On A Milk Sea ( seems that Warp Records suits him well)
14. Daniel Higgs: Say God ( I’m not a believer, but Daniel comes close to convincing)
15. Nels Cline: Dirty Baby ( a concept album that works)
16. Nels Cline Singers: Initiate ( out there jazz/rock with fantastic cover art of the Hadron Collider)
17. Little Axe: Bought For A Dollar, Sold For A Dime ( Skip gets all bluesy, also great cover art)
18. Ryan Adams & the Cardinals: III/IV ( outakes from previous sessions, but upstanding good stuff)
19. Cee Lo Green: The Lady Killer ( fantastic soul release, with the would be killer summer anthem “Fuck You”, but he released it too late)

The Duke & The King : Long Live
Best Coast : Crazy for You
Beach House : Teen Dream
Gnaw Their Tongues : L’arrivee De La Terne Mort Triomphante
Belleruche : 270 Stories
Black Dub (Daniel Lanois & Chris Whitley’s daughter)
Avey Tare : Down There
Animal Collective : Oddsac
Panda Bear : 7″ singles
Antony & The Johnsons : Swanlights
Thomas Fehlmann : Gute Luft
Boris & Ian Astbury : BXI
Cassandra Wilson : Silver Pony
Peter Stampfel & Baby Gramps : Outertainment
Avi Buffalo : Avi Buffalo

ATP is THE concert for anyone…all creature comforts…very mellow security…good food…great music…. Monticello NY (Scheduled for Asbury Park in 2011)
Lightning Bolt / Dan Deacon: Northern Lights Albany NY –Lightning Bolt THE band to see live..amazing
The Sadies : Truck America Big Indian
Mercury Rev : Big Indian
Dean & Britta / Jonathan & Grasshopper : The Mystery Spot
The Sadies / Oneida : Mercury Lounge
Dweezil Zappa : Bearsville NY
Flaming Lips : Poughkeepsie NY
Los Lobos : Poughkeepsie NY
Robbie Fulks / Jenny Scheinman : Stone Ridge NY
Don Preston / Bunk Gardner : Bearsville NY
Pauline Oliveros : Miller Theatre NYC