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Jay Stewart Poop 2023

Here we are and it is the end of the world. Here are some things I liked this year. Though I didn’t have Robert Smith on my Bingo Card, he’s more of a working class hero than Bruce Springsteen by going after Ticket Master’s Dynamic Pricing.

Jay Stewart Poop 2022

Jay Stewart Best of 2022 (Sort of Pandemic Edition) — Well as I rapidly go downhill with myself heading into my mid 50’s. I guess I still love enough new music but I am the first to tell you I am not with it and I am alright with that. Though I am glad Stranger Things has introduced Kate Bush to a whole generation and I am here to enjoy it. — Wet Leg, Carolyn Marosy, Lizzo, Tears For Tears, Rammstein, Arctic Monkey, Angel Olson, Kendrick Lamar, Def Leppard, Classless Act,

Jay Stewart Poop 2021

Anyway I did find new music to listen to, after all when the world is running down, you make the best of what’s still around. As well as watch Sling TV for live sports. Netflix and Hulu for shows and just listen to all of my Led Zeppelin, Thin Lizzy and Motorhead records as well as cuddle with my partner of 26 years.

Jay Stewart Poop 2020

2020 was a shitshow, but at least it ended with Florida Man being removed from office. Though he was going to have to be dragged kicking and screaming out of the White House. Well I am not going to spend my time gloating because that’s what the supporters of the Cheeto-Faced Ferret Wearing Shitgibbon did for the past few years. I am more concerned about cleaning up the mess we have and getting things right again.
On to my top 10. But in a crazy world? It was comforting to know there was a new Borat movie and an AC/DC album which sounded like an AC/DC album. Still I hope that COVID – 19 doesn’t kill live music and rock music. We will be stuck with shut-ins who mumble to beats recorded an iPad. I’m just as appalled by that as the prospect of a Trump presidency.

John Stewart Poop 2019

Here are my opening remarks. It’s best I don’t say anything about the current state of pop music. Because it’s pretty clear that critical opinions are not valued and get you a rage pile on. I guess I should just go to my corner and wait to die. But no I won’t. It’s not that I don’t want things to change. I recognize that change is inevitable. All music will change. But in our rush to embrace the new, we should not forget things that are tried and true. Like passion, melody and good lyrics. Something that you feel in your gut, something that makes you strut. These things are worth revisiting again and again. Even if music must change.

John Stewart Poop 2017

What else can be said about a shitcake of a year. I am done ranting about pop music. My focus is more on the current situation that is going on in our country and what we must do to resist. Anyway there is no rhyme or reason to what I like. But I will not bow to social pressure to like something I don’t think is very good. But anyway I am not here to criticize what I don’t like. It seems we don’t value critical thinking much these days. Anyway most of the best albums came from classic rock artists but being pop radio is ageist, they won’t get traction. But I made an effort to balance the old with the new. So anyway here’s what made my best of this year

John Stewart Poop 2016

What else can be said about 2016 that hasn’t been said. The deaths of cultural touchstones I grew up with. For me it was Leonard Cohen, Prince and Bowie, as well as personal favourites such as Greg Lake (ELP and King Crimson) and Phife Dog (A Tribe Called Quest) Then to top it off, George Michael. But then there was this election. It still doesn’t make sense that Trump somehow got the office. But I guess emails were more important than ties to Putin and Russia. It was also the year the Chicago Cubs broke their drought and won the…

John Stewart Poop 2015

Once again I struggle to find a Top 10 list for new albums. Because lets face it? I am not impressed by much. I really get tired of getting attacked for not being a poptimist. Yes I love rock music and rock music in my opinion is worth preserving. So if my top 10 list features old farts on it like Keith Richards, David Gilmour, Jeff Lynne and Lemmy? So be it…

John Stewart Poop 2014

It’s safe to say my albums list will not include anything by Beyonce, Drake, Lil Wayne, Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, Ariana Grande, Nikki Minaj, Igloo Australia aka the Kangaroo or any other offender of musical taste. I love what I love and if people like this stuff, that’s fine. I am just some Baseball, Rock and Boxing rockist who is in a Basketball, Hip-Hop and MMA world.

John Stewart Poop 2013

To be quite (honest) with you I am really losing it as far what is current. Maybe I just don’t give a crap anymore. It’s not that I don’t hate new music. I mean if I hear something I really like? I will stand up and take notice of it. I have been accused of many things such as being a rockist. But then again would a rockist name an album and single of the year by a French Technopop duo named Daft Punk? Really loved that album and the single “Get Lucky” was amazing. But I think the term…

John Stewart Poop ’12

Obama got reelected. While I was not 100% happy with his first term? It was still better then what could be a disaster? Romney/Ryan. We dodged a bullet. Best Ten of 2012 (No Particular Order) Led Zeppelin Celebration Day Scott Walker Bisch Bosch Leonard Cohen Old Ideas Fiona Apple The Idler Wheel… Lana Del Rey Born to Die Mumford and Sons Babel The Lumineers The Lumineers Alabama Shakes Boys and Girls Soundgarden King Animal   Beach Boys That’s Why God Made the Radio   Honourable Mention Grimes – Visions Neil Young – Psychdelic Pill / Americana Frank Ocean – Channel…

John Stewart Poop ’11

I really had a hard time finding a top ten in 2011. This past year it was all about the 99 Percent and Occupy Wall Street. What they did was change the conversation from the balanced budget to the lack of economic equality that exists in our country. The New York Mets of English Football? Manchester City won the FA Cup and West Ham United got relegated. I am also convinced when I watch the GOP debates? They should be playing clown music instead. I can’t take these people seriously at all. Ten Best of 2011.   Buy New or Used…

John Stewart Poop ’10

It was a revolting year, the Teabagging nuts took the Congress thanks to a Supreme Court filled with Nazis like John Roberts, Sam Alito, Clarence Thomas (whose wife is a Teabagger) and Antonin Scalia. Kudos to the San Francisco Giants who won. Wherever my dad may be, I am sure he was smiling. He loved the Giants even long after they left Harlem. Maybe Aston Villa will win the premiership in England. Only one championship since 1910, thus making them the Boston Red Sox of English soccer. Top 10 NEW RELEASES FOR 2010 This is a tough one because I…

John Stewart Poop 01

Top 10 albums of the year 1. The Strokes – -Is This It 2. Radiohead – –Amnesiac. 3. Bob Dylan – –Love and Theft. 4. Leonard Cohen – –Ten New Songs 5. Travis – –The Invisible Band 6. Gorillaz – –Gorillaz 7. Mogawi – –Rock Action. 8. Stereolab – –Sound-Dust 9. Spiritualized – — Let It Come Down. 10. E.L.O. – –Zoom TOP 10 Reissues of The Year 1 (Tie) The Velvet Underground – –Bootleg Series Volume I 1 (Tie) Ramones – — (Ramones, Leave Home, Rocket To Russia and Road to Ruin) 2. Shuggie Otis – –lnspiration Information 3….