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January 02 2009 – Starting anew

Welcome to the new online home of the PoOPlist! I’ll be transferring all the individual lists here over the next few weeks, the Main PoOP Analyses are up. Posts earlier than this one are imported from http://pooplist.blogspot.com , our earlier blog. The importing process was a little janky, so archives, permalinks and some other bits and pieces are a little broken. From now on, all should be well… I think Mark Zip, Chief Web Pompoid ================================== Share

What "long tail"?? Most music didn’t sell a single copy in 2008

According to a study by the UK royalties agency most music didn't sell a single copy in 2008. But I’d say figures are more likely to be accurate for these items, the 13 million tracks offered for sale on the internet, rather than the notoriously prone to under-reporting LP/CD sales. So much for the long tail. (guardian.co.uk) Share

Did you know that FAC 191 was a cat?

Factory Communications UK Discography – Part 4 A fascinating set of pages listing all the FAC releases in the UK. Yet another work of lunatic scholarship for which the web is ideal. Share

Let the guessing games begin…

See if you can figure what percentage of these: NPR Listeners Pick The Year’s Best Music : NPR Music CDs will be on our own PoOPlist 2008 (my bet is 75 to 80%). Depressing? Affirming? Discuss… Share

Techdirt: Why A Music Tax Is A Bad Idea

Techdirt: Why A Music Tax Is A Bad Idea Just as innovative businesses and musicians are working out how to make this digital music thing work, Warner Brothers wants to reward the failed business model… Share

Edwyn Collins

A touching piece from Edwyn Collins, post-stroke. My feathered friends (Guardian UK) “A stroke left musician Edwyn Collins unable to walk, read or write. Three years on, he’s back with his band. And it’s all thanks to these birds.” Share

A Funk Inferno

When Martin Luther King was assassinated 40 years ago, only one US city was spared the riots that followed. Ed Vulliamy tells the extraordinary story of a James Brown gig that changed history. (Observer UK) Share

Relative Geeks

Funny story. At record show in Boston last week. It’s being held by a particular promoter in conjunction with his regular comic book show. A regular NYC customer comes up to me and says “Did you you ever think that the record show guys would NOT be the geekiest people in the house…?” Nice one! I swear, one of the guys had a Dalek tattoo! (Which must be akin to having a yellow peel-off banana tattoo or something) Share

Ho Hum

Grammy results. PoOpsters may (?) be pleased that Amy Winehouse seems to have done OK. Share