PoOPlists 2014

Mark Zip Poop 2014

Sleaford ModsDivide and Exit
No chops, No solos. Only the barest rudiments of “musicality”. And most of all, no space. Just a soundscape filled with life. And the things that make you shake your head, anger you, frustrate you and make you laugh.

Matt Nerney Poop 2014

It was a year of continuous change, but also of hopeful permanence. We started the year in a small rental in Reading, Vermont and ended it in our rambling new home in Grafton, New Hampshire. In between, moving and madness. At journey’s end, we found the home of our dreams, a historic colonial, with barns, land, and forest. We’ve just ordered our seeds and are planning the vegetable garden. The cycle of life continues. Of course, one needs a soundtrack…

Dan Wilmer Poop 2014

1. Old 97’sMost Messed Up. 22 years into their career, Rhett Miller and the boys produce one of their most raucous albums. ‘Mats bassist Tommy Stinson sits in on “Intervention” which poses the question: “He’s mystified why we’re so lame, but if he wakes up dead will he feel the same?” Lots of stompy, Hank Williams inspired honky tonk fun.

Rich Allen Poop 2014

Gazelle Twin ~ Unflesh (Anti Ghost Moon Ray/Last Gang)
Something bad happened to Elizabeth Bernholz between 2011’s The Entire City and 2014’s Unflesh. The details are foggy, but hints can be gleaned from interviews and the way the artist performs hunched over with her face obscured by a hoodie (and replaced on the album cover by a slab of meat). The suffering has made her an astonishing artist; she’s channeled her pain into genius.

Andrew Stewart Poop 2014

1. Ty Segall/Manipulator (Drop the needle, and commence the abuse. This relentless rush of punk rock hits hard, and hammers it home. He digs the power chord; he digs the shimmy-shake. He’s jacked up on the Who, Bowie and T. Rex, but he is his own best bro, and nobody tries harder. Man of the year Ty Segall is pulsing, electric, aflame.)

Mike Jurkovic – Poop 2014

if we had all died in a Koch-ian fossil fuck in twentyfourteen, here’s what I woulda been singin’ or listenin’ to when the flashpoint came.     Buy New or Used via Amazon           Rent via iTunes [?] 1) Bob Dylan and The Band – The Basement Tapes Complete Collectors, myself included, have had these dark, surreal cosmic jokes and murder ballads in bootleg form for, oh I dunno, eight hundred years? To have them all in…

Ken Beck – PoOP 2014

Stephen Malkmus & The JicksWig Out at Jag Bags
The lyrical play, song craft and guitar wizardry is at an all-time high on this his fourth outing with the Jicks. How can one not chuckle with a song title like “Cinnamon and Lesbians”? Aside from Jeff Tweedy, I’d be hard pressed to find someone from the 90s this consistently great.

POop 2014 – Call for Submissions

From our Beloved Fearless Leader: To the POmpous and OPinionated: Do NOT think because I’m a week late in getting this out that the deadline is going to be a week later. Get that out of your head. Now. If you’re getting one of these for the first time, POOP is our annual exercise in self-importance wherein we compile “Best Of 2014′ lists, to be published in a print edition as well as online. A refresher about the rules and…